Double Star Academy will provide your children with high-quality instruction in mathematics, English and others subjects. Our mission is to help students in those areas where they need help the most. Our programs are designed to help students advance in their classes and to build solid academic foundations. Our goal is to aid students in reaching their maximum potential, and we do this by helping them to solve real-world problems. We would love to welcome each and every child as one of our students. We believe that all students can learn at, or above, grade level, and we will unceasingly provide the opportunities for student success.





数学:1--12年级的GT 教学;7年级 Duke TIP;SAT;


        各年级的数学应用问题(word problem solving);


        速算(number sense);数学竞赛(math count);AMC 8; AMC 10 


        数学提高班(跳级班, credit by exam)。


英语: 各年级的阅读理解(reading comprehension);    










办理初中,高中春季; 秋季留学业务!寄宿在美国人家里。同时办理初中,高中学生借读业务。              电话: 713-259-1565 微信:+17132591565


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